Events for May 24 - March 5

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PYP 5/6 Trip to Bukit Lawang

Grade 5/6 is studying biodiversity and their responsibility to preserve it. They will travel to Bukit Lawang to meet with experts in the field of conservation. They will learn about […]

Global School Play Day

Students in PYP K-4 will participate in Global School Play Day. So much of our kids' time is structured: school, after school lessons, after school training, weekend classes, etc. This […]

StuGo MYP/DP Lock-in

The Student Government is organizing a fun evening of activities where students will spend the night at school.

Futsal vs. SIS (Away)

Our PYP 1-4 futsal players will travel to SIS for a friendly match.

MYP 2/3 Indonesian Games Exhibition

Our MYP 2/3 class is presenting the culmination of their interdisciplinary unit between Physical and Health Education and Bahasa Indonesia. They have been looking into traditional Indonesian games and will […]

Arts and Literacy Week

MIS students will celebrate arts and literacy all week long with many fun events.

DP Mock Exams

DP students will sit mock exams in order to prepare for their end of subject exams in May.

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