Thursday, 18 February 2021
WASC Accreditation Visit

Over the past week MIS 'virtually' welcomed a team of visitors from WASC (Western Association of Schools & Colleges), for an accreditation visit; this had been postponed from April 2020. I am pleased to report that the team were extremely impressed with what they saw, especially in the realm of online learning. Indeed one of the visitors noted that after a difficult year of teaching, visiting MIS was "reenergising"; there is no better endorsement. As a result, their report detailed eight commendations and no recommendations. 

Well done to the entire MIS community for their collaborative efforts.

Friday, 11 December 2020
End of Term 2 & MIS Got Talent

As we brought Term 2 to a close and schooling for 2020, we also closed our voting for MIS Got Talent for 2020. Thank you to all those students and staff who demonstrated again that MIS really does have LOADS of talent!

Let us wait and see what 2021 brings!

Monday, 09 November 2020
MIS: A Year in Review

MIS has released a video to review the year 2019-20. This replaces the yearly parent event where the school reviews the previous year.

The video is available here

Friday, 14 August 2020
Happy Independence Weekend

Everyone at MIS wishes the community a fantastic independence weekend.

Happy 75th birthday to Indonesia!

Please see a short video from one of our students in MYP:

Monday, 10 August 2020
Virtual Assembly

On Monday 10 August 2020, MIS started the new school year with a whole school virtual assembly. It was amazing to see so many familiar faces, but also many new ones.

We wish everyone a fantastic start to the new academic year.

Friday, 19 June 2020
Happy Holidays

As we have now reached the end of the 2019-20 school year, everyone at MIS would like to wish the school community a very happy holiday!

See video:

Thursday, 18 June 2020
Virtual Awards Night

On Thursday 18 June, MIS celebrated the end of the 50th year with a virtual awards ceremony. This gave us the opportunity to praise our stduents across kindergarten to Grade 12, for their achievements throughout the 2019-20 scholl year.

Please see the video here:

Monday, 18 May 2020
Virtual Graduation
This is a week of firsts: we have reached the end of nine weeks of home-learning, with just two days remaining; we have also reached the end of what would have been the IB Diploma examinations for our DP2s.
Today would have been the last examination for Angeline and Mayvelynn (Chemistry Paper 3). As you know the IB cancelled all examinations and they will be awarded their IB Diplomas according to internal assessments and predicted grades.
As a community we would like to celebrate the success of the second cohort of graduates from MIS. Our staff and students have recorded messages for our graduates, which we share below. I am sure you all join us in congratulating Angeline and Mayvelynn on their great achievements. Our graduates have also recorded messages of advice for our students and the whole community; at a time of uncertainty they are a shining light of hope and of the future of the world.
Please see virtual graduation message here:
Friday, 08 May 2020
Virtual Assembly

MIS hosted the first 'Virtual Assembly', celebrating the activities students have been engaged in during the past eight weeks of home-learning.

Link to virtual assembly:

Friday, 16 August 2019
Start of the Year Assembly
MIS held its first whole school assembly of the year today, celebrating both the start of the 50th year of the school and the 74th anniversary of the birth of Indonesia. It has been fantastic to see so many familiar faces return and also welcome many new students and members of staff.
We are looking forward to an exciting and busy academic year.

Thursday, 14 March 2019

Each year at MIS teachers choose to do special math-related activities on March 14th as in the American notation 3.14 (March, 14) is written like the PI numbers. It is also Albert Einstein's birthday. We at MIS chose to support the STEAM subjects. Some classes read the book Sir Cumfrence and the LIfe of Pi, some classes did pi-soduku, some classes wrote Pi-Ku poems, some classes learned how to figure out the ratio on various circles..... It was a great day of eating Pi and learning about math! 

Top picture: This year was especially fun because we asked the students to wear their white MIS shirt and we took a PI day photo of the students! Turned out pretty well!

Bottom left picture: Albert Einstein's birthday as well as Pak Iwon's birthday. So we dressed Pak up in a lab coat (He already has the gray hair) and got a PI cake. Iqbal posed for the picture as a Pi-rate and Noer and I (Rachel Wayne) had Pi shirts on. We each celebrated this fun math day in different ways :)  

Next two photos: The pi inspired poem written by Justin was his first attempt at ekphrastic poetry. He looked at a piece of art done for Pi day (it is pi to 1000 by artist Nadieh Bremer). Justin was taken by this piece and was able to write about it. 

Thursday, 21 February 2019
GIN Saigon 2019
The Global Issues Network team has spent the year fundraising to help out local refugees in Medan. Students have also visited the residence of the refugees several times this year to teach English and Math lessons, as well as play games with the children.
Each year the GIN team attends an international conference to participate in workshops and share their local initiatives with students from other countries. This year, the venue was in Saigon, Vietnam. The 3-day conference was a great opportunity for students to come together and discuss, debate and create project-based sustainable solutions about the global issues that they are passionate about. This year's conference theme was "Catalyst for Change" and had students share ideas on how to address such issues as environmental degradation, education for all, and wealth disparity.
There were also a number of key speakers that included professionals in the field of animal conservation, public health, and environmental initiatives. 


Thursday, 07 February 2019
PYP 1 - 4 Camp and Global Play Day

The PYP 1-4 celebrated the Global Play Day by having a sleep-over at school on Thursday, February 7th, 2019 and continued the festivities on the following day with International Global Play Day (an unstructured play day at school).

For PYP camp there were many activities. The students watched a mini-movie about survival, went for a photo Scavenger Hunt, had an Amazing Race and enjoyed the favorite part of every camp - roasting marshmallows and singing at the bonfire.

The students learned to be independent as they stayed away from their parents for a night, made their own beds, prepared their own food and cleaned up after themselves.

One of the favorite memories of the two days of was bedtime story with PE teacher Pak Dolatta! After the story, the students fell asleep for a giant slumber party.

The fun didn’t end at night, as they continued their Friday with a full day of unstructured play activities! They had breakfast together, shared experiences during outdoor play, made sushi for lunch and closed the day with a splashy fun time at the swimming pool. The weather was perfect for everyone to enjoy a Global Play Day. #gpd2019

We witnessed some students who developed their independence, were risk-takers, caring, and great communicators. Good job, PYP!

Wednesday, 06 February 2019
PYP 5-6 Camping

Celebrating Global Play Day and their own PYP Camp, the PYP 5-6 students went on a 2-night sleep-over at Green Hill and Kebun Efi.

When asked what they enjoyed, students mentioned the macrophotography that helped them see things that they would never have seen. Also, learning about bees at Madu EFI, roasting marshmallows at a campfire, and being in a natural environment with fresh air. 
This trip helped all students learn to be more independent, courageous, and to care for each other when friends need support. "I learned that it's okay to face our fears and try new things." said Jolie Surbakti.

We thank all parents for their support and trust. We wouldn’t see all this growth without the loving support from our MIS community. Also special Thanks to brothers Felix and Feli at Kebun Efi! @KebunMaduEfi for making the learning possible.

Monday, 21 January 2019
Measure of Academic Progress (MAP) Online Tests

The Measure of Academic Progress (MAP) tests are an important part of our yearly program here at MIS. Provided by NWEA, the MAP is an adaptive test that allows us to benchmark our students progress against international norms and gives us insight into the individual progress of a student from year to year into how their improvement compares to expected levels of growth and improvement for their stage of development.

MIS is committed to personalized learning and invididualized instruction, and the MAP tests are a perfect match to that goal as they provide us with a wealth of extra information on the individual strengths and weaknesses of each and every student in the school, as well as allowing students to goal set in each semester. We conduct these tests three times a year and in January and February, we have completed our mid point tests. This mid point will give us data that we will now use to further identify strengths and growth areas for each and every MIS student in the semester to come. Data is also provided to parents in the form of a thrice-yearly MAP report.

Thursday, 13 December 2018
MIS Got Talent / End of Year Dinner

The name has changed from "MIS Idol" to "MIS Got Talent", but the idea has stayed the same - fun, food, friends, and family. Although MIS is small, we are overflowing with talent! We had twenty wonderful performances by students, teachers, staff, and parents, followed by the beautiful St. Lucia procession. Afterwards, a delicious catered meal was served by our very own Ms. Kosman. 

We would like to extend a big "Thank you" to the judges Ms. Chelsea Hadi, Ms. Meryl Saragih, and Mr. Mick Stevens for giving their valuable time to our event. Thank you to everyone who participated and we will see you again next year!

Friday, 30 November 2018
Science and Technology Week - 26th to 30th November

Science and Technology Week comes up once every two years here at MIS, alternated yearly with the Arts and Literacy Week and it is easy to see why this is one of the most popular events on our calendar.

Students had been preparing their fascinating presentations, demonstrations, and experiments for several weeks in advance, but they spent the week putting the finishing touches on their explorations. The week also featured an exciting Science Quiz Show and a design challenge (pictured) where students were tasked with creating a prototype using just limited materials and the design cycle to sail from one side of the swimming pool to the other. The boat that made it across in the shortest time (and, of course, did not sink) was the winner. Most boats made it across, but the factors of seaworthiness, aerodynamics, and sail positioning made for the winning combination.

Saturday, 17 November 2018
Annual General Meeting and Barbecue

MIS is a not-for-profit International school, and part of our commitment to that status is a commitment to transparency. On Saturday, November 17th, about 130 members of our school community came down for the Annual General Meeting and Barbecue event - an important event in the school calendar where our Head of School, Mr Gerald Donovan, presented about the finances of the school, our academic progress and achievements, and our plans for our future. Our board, who are mostly avaialable on our school Whatsapp group, also introduced themselves to the community.

After the serious business, everyone went out to the poolside barbecue, where some of our DP students were playing live music while the groundstaff and Ibu Tika prepared delicious burgers, hotdogs, chicken, and some vegetarian options while the students swam until the afternoon.

Tuesday, 30 October 2018
Goa Ergendang

On October 30th, Grades 3 and 4 went to Goa Ergendang Cave and Hot Spring for a field trip. They have been learning about how “People are interconnected to the benefits and challenges presented by the physical changes in our Earth.” Relaxing in the hot spring is a definite benefit from the Earth and to have them inside of a solution cave made it all the more special. Inside the cave, students were excited to explore the cave habitat and observe the different animals that inhabit them. They were also surprised by the heat of the water in the hot spring and were able to make connections about the source of that heat. They were able to see roots from underneath the ground and make the cave echo, (which is how the cave got its name). For the upcoming Science Fair, the students are preparing dioramas to show their learning about more physical changes to the Earth. Some changes are abrupt and catastrophic and some take years to change. 

For more information about caves please see: 

Goa Ergendang : Penungkiren, Sinembah Tanjung Muda Hilir, Deli Serdang Regency, North Sumatra 20363


Monday, 29 October 2018
The MYP Trip was a True Learning Adventure

Our MYP trip was held in Bali from the 29th of October until the 2nd of November and, while it might sound idyllic, this was far from a relaxing holday! Students had a learning-filled, fun-packed adventure which included learning first-hand about the various industries that make up Bali's economy including handicrafts and silverwork. They also visited sacred sites and temples including Tanah Lot and Tampak Siring. Pak Ketut, our wonderful local guide, helped students gain a deeper understanding of Balinese culture as we learned Balinese dance and Gamelan as well as exploring the countryside by bicycle and the rivers by raft.

All in all, this was quite an adventure. Students still found time to hang out and play games until curfew in the evenings, and most nights they were so exhausted that they slept all the way though to morning! We thank you for entrusting your children to us on this year's MYP trip and we look forward to next year's learning adventure.