We invite parents to get involved with their child's education. MIS currently has a small, dedicated group of parents who support ourcommunity. The group this year has provided lunches for special events like our Athletics Carnival. The PTA helps to plan our annual Awards Night. They helped to organize a Christmas Lunch and invited a local orphanage to participate. They raised money to present gifts of sports equipment to the orphanage. They also participate in helping to organize our annual Open Day. The possibilities of what this group can do are endless. Please consider attending a meeting to contribute your own ideas. Parents can also contribute to our co-curricular program. Do you have a special talent that you can share with our students? Let us know and volunteer to lead an after school class.


The day does not end when the final bell sounds. Instead we have developed a dynamic after school program for students to explore other talents. We have partnered with Soccer Plus to offer a comprehensive soccer program to students of all ages. Our other offerings rotate depending on what teachers, parents and outside community members would like to offer.
Some examples of courses that have been offered are: Swimming, Futsal, Basketball, Badminton, Modern Dance, Arts and Crafts, Electronics, Digital Movie Making, Computer Applications, Building a Computer, Chess Club, Public Speaking and Debate and Cooking.


MIS gives students the chance to share their voice in what is happening at the school. The student government meets each week to help plan student activities. Students are encouraged to develop their own ideas and are supported to help organize student events. Students organize a movie event to celebrate the end of each term. They have also held fund raisers for equipment and organized parties.


Our calendar includes several different special events throughout the year. Each year we alternate between Indofest and the International Fair. Indofest is a large celebration of units of inquiry centered around our host country. It involves student presentations, dances, arts and crafts and music.

Our International Fair involves consulates and other international groups in Medan as well as student presentations. We also alternate between Science and Technology Week and Arts and Literacy Week. Arts and Literacy Week is a special celebration of drama and arts that culminates in a school wide evening celebrating Arts and Literacy. Science and Technology week has different activities throughout the week and ends with a school wide Science Fair. Our MYP Students participated in a Catapult Design competition as part of this year's activities.

We have begun a tradition of holding an annual fund raiser for charity through a Lap-a-Thon. Each year we select a special charity. We learn about the charity and what work it is doing to help others. Then we run laps to raise money for the organization. We have sponsored UNICEF in the Philippines after the devasting Typhoon Haiyan. We have also sponsored Yayasan Onkologi Anak Medan (YOAM), a local organization working to help children diagnosed with cancer.

We also like to have fun together. We begin each year with a celebration of Indonesia's National Day with a Family Fun Night involving different games for parents and students to play together. We begin the second semester with a Family Dance Night where students teach a dance and then invite their parents to participate. We also have an annual Athletic Competition involving local schools and an annual Swimming Carnival where students display their skills in the pool.


Every Friday from 09:00 - 11:30 MIS hosts a parent group for children under 3. This is a completely parent run group that gives young children a chance to play together. It takes place in the gym, but pool days and playground time is also scheduled. This group is open to everyone with a young child. A parent or caregiver must attend with the child.
The price is 30.000 IDR per child per visit. Come check it out and meet a warm community of parents and children.